Make the most of your automation potential!

Our range of services

  • 3D simulations – 3D-simulated analysis using Roboguide simulation software will help you reach your targets efficiently and without interrupting production.
  • Analysis, development and design – As your dedicated contact partner we will guide your project through from beginning to end. This means:

-Analysis of the current situation
-Creation of specification sheet
-Return on investment calculations
-Development of hardware and software
-Customised designs
-Risk analysis
-Assembly and commissioning

  • Smart Factory integration – Integrating automated processes with the controlling ERP systems lead to increased delivery reliability, flexibility and transparency in your manufacturing process.
  • Upgrades – robot-assisted modernisation of your existing manufacturing processes to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest technology.
  • Hardware design – We develop the optimum electrical and mechanical designs for every customer
  • FAT in our factory – Under your supervision, we carry out
    functional and optimisation tests on the system before delivery
    in our factory.
  • Training courses on system operation – Our collaboration
    with expert partners and many years of engineering
    experience mean we are in the perfect position to help
    you prepare for working with a robotic system.