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“Safe Harbour” Declaration and Exclusion of Liability

Safe Harbour” Declaration
All information on this website, which does not refer to historic facts, are statements about the future, which provide no guarantee whatsoever regarding future performance. They contain risks and uncertainties (though not exhaustively) regarding future global economic conditions, foreign currency exchange rates, legal directions, market conditions, rival activities, and other factors beyond the company’s control.

Exclusion of Legal Responsibility and Liability
Terms and Conditions

  1. This website was generated to provide general information on Schaltag and its products and services, as well as information of a financial nature. The information provided here is not to be understood as binding offers, or as advice or instruction on the use of the products and services delivered by Schaltag. Therefore, no guarantee of any kind is provided on this website, in particular with regard to standard practice quality, short-term deliverability and suitability for specific purposes etc. of Schaltag products and services. All information contained in this website or referred to herein, is only intended to introduce Schaltag and its products and services. For specific consultation, inquiries, instructions etc. within the context with our products and services and for information on Schaltag, as well as for financial information, Schaltag is to be contacted directly.
  2. We have taken the greatest care to provide correct and current information, and will continue to do so. However, we cannot guarantee, either expressly or implicitly, that the information contained on or referred to on this site is correct or complete. Furthermore, visitors to this website accept that information provided here may have been entered incorrectly or by an unauthorised person. Therefore, Schaltag does not accept any liability for direct, indirect or accidental damage, for consequential damage, for actual or punitive damages, for unsuitable, useless or disadvantageous investments or expenses, or for transactions with heavy losses as a result of the use of this information, or access to this, or the inability to use this. Furthermore, Schaltag rejects all liability due to possible errors or omissions in the content of this information. This applies in particular for all references to products and services made available by Schaltag, as well as financial information on Schaltag.
  3. This website also contains third party information and links to other websites. We accept no responsibility at all for such third party information. Furthermore, we have no knowledge of the information contained on other websites and accept no responsibility at all for such information.
  4. All pictures and information on this website, insofar as is possible, are copyright protected. The use of these pictures and information is only permitted with prior written authorisation from Schaltag
  5. We reserve the right to change the contents of this website in any way, at any time and for any reason without prior notice, and do not accept any liability for possible consequences of such changes.
  6. Schaltag does not accept any liability for current, error-free and uninterrupted access to its website. Schaltag does not accept any liability for injury to persons or damages to property and, in particular, for any direct or indirect, immediate or subsequent financial loss. Schaltag also rejects any responsibility and does not accept any liability for damage through viruses that may infect the computer equipment or other property, if a user visits and uses this website or if a download of any material, data, text, images, video or audio from this site is initiated.
  7. These terms and conditions are to be interpreted, implemented and fulfilled in agreement with the applicable material laws in Switzerland. The jurisdiction is Winterthur, Switzerland.
  8. Schaltag assumes responsibility for data protection within the context of its data protection declaration. 

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