A Success Story "Made in Switzerland" • Schaltag

A Success Story “Made in Switzerland”
A Success Story “Made in Switzerland”

A Success Story “Made in Switzerland”

Schaltag for Textest AG: Production of Air Permeability Test Instruments

Textest AG, based in Schwerzenbach (Zurich), produces test instruments for the quality control of textile area-measured material. The company, which operates internationally, has been relying on solid Swiss quality since 1969.

Quality features such as air permeability, watertightness, tear resistance, thread density or stitch density, for example, are determined using laboratory and online test instruments from Textest. Schaltag produces the mobile laboratory device and the portable hand-held device, as well as the complex online test instruments to determine the air permeability of textiles, knitted fabric, non-woven fabric and technical textiles. The online test instruments are produced according to the specifications of the end user. The reputation of Switzerland as a manufacturing hub is rewarded with international success.

The production of basic machines, as well as customer-specific adaptations, provides Textest with considerable benefits and enables it to concentrate more intensively on its own core expertise. In addition to this:

  • Short communication paths and work paths increase productivity significantly
  • The establishment of a genuine partnership promotes sustainable growth
  • Almost all added value is generated in Switzerland
  • Straightforward support in the event of bottlenecks, e.g. regarding space requirements and manpower