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Involved At Every Phase
Involved At Every Phase
Involved At Every Phase
Involved At Every Phase

Involved At Every Phase

Schaltag for PACKSYS GLOBAL: Development and Building Controls for Single Systems and Entire Systems for Tube Manufacture

Everyday production would be inconceivable without tubes. Anything with a more or less creamy consistency is packed securely, hygienically and durably in a tube and is simple and easy to dose in use. The PACKSYS GLOBAL High Speed Laminate Tube Production System welds the tube hull made of laminate, forms the top of the hull, welds a seal to the tube opening and applies the lid.
These are complicated processes, that must be controlled at high speed and often in combination with several machines. Schaltag’s tasks include:

  • Development of the controls for individual machines and multiple machines
  • Procurement, logistics
  • Building the controls and assembling single cable and cable sets
  • Installation of the controls into the machine and the cabling for the machine
  • Wiring interfaces to other machines on the line
  • Commissioning and test run at the customer’s location
  • Dismantling for delivery for simple assembly by the end user, by PACKSYS GLOBAL
  • On-site support in the event of problems, storage of replacement kits as reserves