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Optimisation in all areas
Optimisation in all areas

Optimisation in all areas

Schaltag for TRUMPF: Production and assembly of conductor wire sets for the modular control cabinets for machine tools.

TRUMPF Grüsch AG is a leading international manufacturer of machine tools for sheet metal processing and material processing, power tools, electronics and medicine technology.

Schaltag assembles up to 1400 conductor wire sets for TRUMPF every month. In doing so, just-in-time delivery within 4 work days is guaranteed. At the same time, Schaltag manages the storage of conductor wire sets to prevent scheduling production or delivery bottlenecks. With regular on-site meetings, new potential for optimisation is continuously discovered and immediately implemented by both partners.

  • Maximum flexibility for minimal throughput times
  • Proximity to the site for precise JIT delivery
  • Superior technical equipment (Komax machine for customer-specific strand inscription)