What you touch is what you get • Schaltag

What you touch is what you get

What you touch is what you get

Schaltag for Krämer AG: Development of Software and Touch Screen Controls for Pharmaceutical Tablet Deduster

Freshly pressed tablets go from the press into a deduster, which carries them upwards by means of a vibrating transportation coil. The vibration trims and removes dust from the tablets, which are then distributed to containers. After completion, the hermetically sealed system is cleaned using a wash-in-place process. The controls for the C 900 developed by Schaltag consist of control cabinets and software with a graphic interface for user-friendly operation. Using the touch screen, one can:

  • Configure the machine: Connect devices (tablet presses, lines) and optional modules (switches, metal detectors, monitoring sensors), as well as connections and interfaces
  • Programme the process: Adjust the values according to the tablet charge for the procedure, duration, route, vibration, filling programme for the number and sizes of the containers for each tablet, wash programme

Validation for the pharmaceutical industry required a particularly high level of process safety. Every process and every function is documented for each order.