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UL Certification of Electrical Cabinets and Control Panels

UL Certification of Electrical Cabinets and Control Panels

The UL label is highly recognised in the USA and Canada. As a result, many engineers believe it is essential to build their machines in accordance with UL. This is no simple task, as it means an extra requirement must be fulfilled, in addition to costs and deadline pressure.

A wealth of options is available with regard to certification. For example, machines manufactured in accordance with UL are exported and approved by inspectors on-site. Alternatively, machines can be certified in-house by the mechanical engineer himself. With both options, the manufacturer bears the full risk of the machine not being approved.

A lack of proof can lead to expensive re-testing, incurring considerable costs and time delays. If damages are incurred due to a missing UL permission, American product liability law (“Model Uniform Products Liability Act” – MULPA), with its notorious and exorbitant compensation requirements, comes into effect. 

UL Certification pays off

This is an important reason for entering into a close partnership with Schaltag. This is because Schaltag is authorised to certify controls in-house and to mark these with the UL label. Any uncertainties are therefore eliminated in advance during the certification process. Other benefits include the optimised procurement of all necessary components in consideration of the UL requirements, cabling with documentation, assembly and testing of the whole system, as well as preparation for delivery for the end customer by the Schaltag team.

This valuable service has already convinced some notable companies to outsource their production to Schaltag. These companies therefore receive engineering, cable making, control systems, mechatronics and the highly-desirable UL certification for the control system – all from a single source.

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