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Battery storage systems

Battery storage systems

For companies of all sizes, and particularly medium-sized enterprises, Schaltag offers individual solutions with returns on investment (ROI) as low as two and a half years.

Your Objectives

  • To minimise energy costs
  • To comply with ISO 14001 environmental targets
  • To reduce CO2 emissions

Our Solution Proposal – in Three Steps

  1. Energy consumption analysis (free of charge)
  2. Customer-specific implementation concept
  3. Realisation of concept, including commissioning

Schaltag Smart Energy Regulation System

Energy storage to smooth output peaks

  • Surplus energy stored using the latest battery technologies
  • Smoothens out power consumption peaks
  • Intelligent control (e.g. soft start) of your loads
  • Can be used as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system

Reduced Energy Costs and CO2‑Emissions

  • Costs lowered thanks to time-optimised energy import (day/night)
  • Penalties for consumption peaks can be avoided
  • Increased proportion of consumption from own power source (PV system) to reduce further costs
  • Fossil-fuel and pneumatic drives replaced by electric systems
  • Optimised consumption measurably reduces your CO2 footprint