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Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets
Electrical Cabinets

Electrical Cabinets

Schaltag designs and assembles electrical control panels for machines, from prototypes to series and control panels with variants. Due to our two production sites we are able to provide a flexible range of services to meet customer requirements and budgeted costs. Our range of services includes:

Production Site in Switzerland:

  • execution of value analysis
  • developments, prototype construction, pilot batch
  • bespoke control panels and control panel assembly, small-batches
  • short throughput times, perfect for projects that have to be realised within short time

Production Site in Czech Republic:

  • cost-effective serial production
  • flexible manufacturing of electrical control panels with variants

Regarding Control Panel Assembly We Offer You the Following Benefits:

  • Low costs – because of the serial production of electric cabinets in Czech Republic
  • High quality – thanks to the support of our specialists from Switzerland
  • Reduction of total costs – with our know-how in the assembly of electrical control panels and switch boards and our independence of brands, we are able to support our clients to execute value analysis
  • High flexibility – which is due to our processes and our machinery and allows us to accept product modifications even shortly before the delivery
  • Short delivery times – we are producing a very large number of electrical control panels and have therefore excellent conditions with our suppliers
  • Export to the USA and Canada – thanks to our UL 508 certification, we are allowed to export control panels and switch boards to the USA and Canada. We also offer more competitive prices than North American manufacturers

Please contact us already during your product development of your new machines, as 70% of all costs are fixed during the development period – only 30% can be optimised later in the course of production. The manufacturing of electric cabinets is one of our core competences – it is part of our daily business. Our annual turnover with electrical control panels totalled a higher double-digit million Euro amount. Thus, our engineers have profound knowledge of various different electrotechnical components. Due to their brand independence they can design the most cost-effective solution for you.


  • Electro-mechanical CAD: ELCAD, ePlan 5/p8, AutoCAD, CoCreate
  • Control cabinet concept:
    design, layout
  • Development and re-engineering
  • Standardisation, modularisation


  • Process engineering / planning / contracts
  • Use of global acquisition opportunities
  • Optimisation of materials management


  • Prototype construction, individual, variant and serial production
  • On-site installation: machine and system wiring

> UL certification for the North American market

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